At Oak Lodge Shooting Ground we aim to provide the highest quality shooting experience which is affordable and accessible for any age, gender or ability, from complete novice through to experienced shots within the Tees Valley area. Clay target activity provides people with the opportunity to participate in an Olympic sport that increases self confidence as well as learning a new skill, socialise and make new friends.

Opening Hours

The Shooting Ground is set in 20 acres of beautiful countryside within the Cleveland area offering some of the finest English sporting shooting facilities in The north east.


Opening Hours


Wednesday (May -Oct hours only )

6pm till 8pm  


10am till 1pm

(bookings only)


10am till 2pm


What we Offer

We offer the following disciplines……

English sporting E.S.P
Down the Line D.T.L


All our clay targets offer interesting, challenging targets that are achievable, realistic and exciting. Novices to Olympic standard shooters, there is something for everyone.

Up coming Events

please note we are closed Sunday 24th April 2022


  Registered Competitions 

  • 8th May 125 Reg Sportrap 
  • 12th June Durham championship (sporting) 
  • 24th July Durham (Sportrap)




Wednesday night league



29th June Away to Lord stones

13th July  Away to Gt Smeaton 

20th July Home